Consumer Prices Rise Highest Since 2007

Reading Time: 5 minutes One of the major trends of 2018 is likely to be the acceleration of inflation growth, as we have discussed previously in the following articles: Why Inflation Will Increase In 2018 Long-Term Inflation Pressures The Fed has longed for inflation for years because it consistently has been below its goal of 2%. It’s a strangeCONTINUE READING



What Sowed The Seeds Of The Bitcoin Mania?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Financial Conditions Ripe For Speculation 2017 was an unusual year where financial conditions actually eased despite the Federal Reserve raising rates. The financial tightness in 2015 and 2016 was catalyzed by weakness in the energy market. With the help of central banks, as we have previously stated, the economy narrowly avoided a recession. It’s stillCONTINUE READING


Financial Literacy

Total Credit Card Debt Is Increasing

Reading Time: 5 minutes Studying the health of the consumer is very difficult because there are so many stats which show different results. In fact, sometimes the same study can show support for opposing conclusions. Let’s start by looking at the negatives, one of which is total credit card debt. As you can see from the chart below whichCONTINUE READING



Is Gold A Good Investment?

Reading Time: 6 minutes While some investors are intellectually brave to even ponder whether gold is a good investment, sadly most investors malign it for even being considered a plausible investment option. Gold is probably the most interesting and at the same time misunderstood asset in the world. Some investors believe that because gold doesn’t provide cash flow, it doesn’tCONTINUE READING

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